Leti's passion is fueled by her personal journey of reinvention in the mid 90s, she changed her career path, working in the Social Service arena to a successful career in Human Resources Recruitment.  She is now focused on what she loves best; inspiring, motivating and being a catalyst for Breakthrough in her clients' lives.

After leaving her corporate position in 2009 and working with over 20,000 people in job search, executive placement, coaching and HR employment, she developed her unique Breakthrough Coaching program to assist others find life purpose, clarity of direction and discover their true potential.


In order to accelerate her client's progress Leti became a certified hypnotherapist to empower her client's success. She found that hypnosis and NLP practices are an effective tool to assist her clients overcome limitations, fear of change, self-sabotage patterns and transform their lives.  With her unique approach, she inspires, motivates and empowers self mastery.  She is dedicated to being an activator for her clients to take positive action, align with their authentic expression, move forward with confidence and clear vision.  


Get Motivated to Change

 Everything You Want Is

On The Other Side of Fear

Breakthrough Limitation
 Align with Your Authentic Expression
Uncover Your True Potential

Is it time for you to move forward and experience a breakthrough and create the most fulfilling life possible and live at you highest potential ?

How I Can Help



Working with Leti Stiles was one of the more transformative experiences of my life. We went deep to understand and identify the issues, negative beliefs, and unproductive patterns that I needed to deal with and had blocked me from success in my personal life and career. She helped me to address them appropriately through motivation, coaching, and hypnotherapy. I highly recommend working with Leti especially to further understand yourself, or feel stuck but lack the tools and insights to address them. I had many breakthroughs while working with her. — Mark Kelton

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Leti C. Stiles