My commitment is to inspire you to live your best life. My desire is too impact you to experience a breakthrough, release fear of change and eliminate disempowering beliefs and sabotage patterns. I will provide  guidance and help you understand the power of your mind and how to utilize your subconscious mind​.


My goal is to provide you with the right support and tools to initiated positive action that will put  you on the right path.  I will lead you to create opportunities for change and achieve results. Working with me will  open new avenues to unknown levels of confidence, manage and release stress, clear away self imposed limitations and fears, heal unresolved trauma and discover self-mastery.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

It  is in my blood to work with others, this has been a life-long interest of mine since I was in high school. I had 2 mentors that helped think outside of the box and pursue my life's purpose.  It wasn't easy but along the way I found  teachers, and later coaches that gave me tools and cheered me on. After college and in my mid-twenties I was inspired to quit my office job at American Express to pursue working with people. This was my first lesson on reinvention and blind faith that someone would hire me in a field that I had no degree or experience in. I went on to work for non profit organization as a crisis counselor. Somehow someone believed in me because I had fire in my belly and was committed to learning and excelling at my job.  As my life progressed, I married and  had a child  and  more opportunities arose to recreate myself several times over. I went through a divorce and life changing experiences.  But the one factor that was always present, were mentors and coaches. Generous people that steered me in the right direction and inspired me.  The second factor, was my willingness to remain teachable and humble.  When I came across people that gave me advice and their time to mentor me, I soaked in everything they offered me.  The third factor, took time to develop through a lot trial and error, I increased my self-confidence and learned to be a positive thinker.  Along the way, I stayed open to any opportunity that would further my skills and  learn new facets of working with others. Today, my life is fully aligned with my life's purpose.  I love being the bridge to change for others !  I stayed the course and now I am able to lead, inspire and help others through the path of self-mastery and reinvention.

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Leti C. Stiles