​Leti is highly trained in coaching methods to motivate and actualize real change.  She is insightful and skilled in her approach to working with people. For the past 30 years she has engaged in a journey of higher learning and exploring the healing capacity of mind, body and spirit. Using a transpersonal and practical approach that allows the client to bypass the conscious mind and tap and access the power of the subconscious mind.  Leti incorporates 25 years of business practices in human resources, recruitment, crisis counseling with self empowerment, personal growth and hypnotherapy to accelerate change.  Hypno-Coaching incorporates life coaching methods with the power of hypnosis and NLP.  Along with formal education in psychology, she has studied and trained with a variety of personal growth, empowerment coaches and teachers. She trained directly with John Gray PhD., on relationship dynamics and effective communication.


She holds certification in Hypnosis /Hypnotherapy certification by the US National Guild of Hypnotists. Other certificates and training; Trauma Release NLP, Breath-Work; Reiki Energy work. Expressive Arts.


Why work with Leti

  • In her Recruiting career she placed and coached over 15,000 in a variety of industries.

  • Has helped hundreds of people navigate through career transition, divorce, displacement, and relationships challenges.

  • Interviewed thousands of people in a variety of corporations and non profit organizations.

  • Leti is bilingual and has worked with a variety of nationalities working within their cultural framework and background.

  • Trained directly by John Gray in relationship dynamics on how to overcome conflict and find loving resolution to any relationship challenge

  • As a Dating Consulting for an international dating organization she assisted hundreds of men and women navigate the matchmaking and dating process.


Coaching sessions are a deep inquiry into; how to achieve satisfying relationships, become aligned with your personal power and life path, obtain financial prosperity and fast track your career path. Leti helps you discover how to overcome indecision, confusion, fear of change and confront challenges with more ease and grace.  An integrative and practical approach leads the way to real answers along with winning strategies for each individual client.

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Leti C. Stiles