Working with Leti was the next step for me.  At the age of 62, I am beginning my 3rd adulthood with Big changes ahead of me.  Leti is a source of encouragement and guidance on this path.  With her knowledge, intuition, life experience and true caring she helps others wake up to who they are. Sessions with Leti are "true", her voice, her questions,  her insights and vast tools, along with her 40 years of education created a trusting atmosphere for letting go and allowing ones gifts and inner guidance to emerge.  I recommended her implicitly if you are ready and needing a breakthrough. — Lesley R

Leti has been an integral component in my successful journey towards self-actualization. She has helped me confront and overcome negative thought patterns so that I can be fully present and mindful in my daily life. I truly appreciate the myriad of ways in which she has helped me make mental and career progress in my life's journey. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for an impactful way to make positive life changes. — Crystal K

I came in for a session with Leti out of curiosity. After our one session decided I was ready for coaching sessions with her. Our sessions opened my eyes to a new perspective and helped me focus on clearing the past. She guided me with compassion and helped me see my strengths. She is very knowledgeable and the hypnosis helped me overcome my procrastination and fears that kept me stuck in my personal and business affairs. I highly recommend her, she is an excellent coach to anyone that wants rapid change. — Mary R.

Leti is an amazing, beautiful soul. Her gentle guidance makes going (very) deep so easy, getting into the dark corners and shedding light to heal. Leti not only helped me heal some old issues, but helped my husband and I transform our unhealthy relationship into a loving, supportive one. She helped change our lives and find very deep, true love again. Thank you, Leti!  -—D&L W.

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Leti C. Stiles