Women's Circle "Aphrodites' Daughters"

This is a group experience for women's empowerment and expansion and full expression. Learning what it means to embody sacred sexuality. This 8 week class touches upon ancient tantric wisdom.  Learning to about the body temple, how to care for its health, well being and pleasure.  Here in a sacred container we can create a sisterhood that supports our healing, expansion and reverence of being women.  This class is conducted in an intimate setting, provides safety, and daily practices to open up to the pleasure of being a woman to the fullest.  Through experiential exercises, movement, creativity and telling our stories we can reclaim our personal power and embody the goddess in each woman.  


               You will learn:

Communication is the key

Tantric Movement & Breath

Meditation and mindfulness

Sensory and Presence

Womb Healing

The Pleasure principle 

Creative Expression

The Empowerment of being Authentic

Manifesting a satisfying relationship and partnership

Limited to 15 women Price $30 per class.  Upcoming classes in Orange County.  Check back for dates and location.  You can reach Leti = LetiCStiles@gmail.com 

Namaste Circles

Namaste circles is designed as a gathering to assist  one another  to go deeper into our hearts, learn and practice authentic communication, open to sensory intimacy and the power of human touch. Everyone is welcome to join, bring your intention, an open heart and mind. This gathering prepares your path for the in-depth practices of Heart Centered relationships and intimacy.

NC focuses on the Sacredness of each person, helping us see each other as spiritual beings worth of love

 by acknowledging our innocence, need to be seen, appreciated and valued.


This gathering offer a safe environment in an interactive and playful atmosphere.  The gathering is designed to ground you into a sacred space and conscious interaction.  Leti  facilitates a series of guided activities in an intimate setting.  This journey is designed to open all of the senses and to cultivate a new level of presence and consciousness through experiential exercises using various modalities, i.e., music, breathe, movement, dance and interactive dyads.  Namaste circles are a potpourri of heart opening exercises, sensual and fun exploration. The focus is to honor and recognize the sacredness in each individual.  


Namaste Circles for Couples :  Limited to 10 couples $80, check back for dates and location.  

This experience is designed for couples that wish to increase healthy communication and intimacy, the gateway to amazing sensual bliss.   This class will incorporate essential oils to enhance the sensory part of this gathering.  This is an excellent opportunity to incorporate some tantric principals into your romantic and sexual partnership.  Please join my mailing list to stay in touch.


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Leti C. Stiles